Main Benefits Of Triple Glazed Windows

Double glazing is currently the industry standard, one of the home building best practices. Why would you bother, then, with installing triple glazed windows? Is this the very future of thermal comfort or only a luxury feature we can live without? Many builders choose triple glazing, as it is generally considered to be better than every other choice. The question is whether this trend could continue, taking into consideration that the UK doesn’t have to put up with extreme temperature variations.

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What Does Triple Glazing Mean?

Basically, windows that feature triple glazing use three glass panes instead of the two we are already used to see in double glazed windows. The space between these glass panes is filled with argon or with another inert gas.

How Do Triple Glazed Windows Work?

The benefits of triple glazing stretch way beyond the addition of a third glass pane. This additional pane of glass acts as an air pocket buffer. Since the inert gas filling this pocket is heavier than air, it is extremely effective at preventing heat transfer and muting noise. This is what makes multi glazed windows so much better than double glazed ones. The insulation provided by triple glazed windows is way superior to the performance of double glazing. Furthermore, one of these three panes of glass is thicker than the others, hence providing even better soundproof properties and thermal insulation.

Main Benefits Of Triple Glazed Windows

Here are a few of the most important benefits of triple glazing by comparison to single or double glazing.

Higher Energy Efficiency

If you are like most people, you consider installing modern windows to better conserve heat in your home. According to current Building Regulations, any window you want to install today must have a maximum U value of 1.6. This means that you can’t install anything less than double glazing windows. The U value of triple glazing is much lower than the 1.6 imposed by law. Triple glazing averages an u-value of 0.8, some manufacturers being able to achieve even 0.5. This makes triple glazing the most energy-efficient choice.

Better Soundproofing

Living near sources of noise pollution such as rail lines, high traffic roads, and airports can be daunting. Wherever you may live across the UK, you’re probably exposed to at least one or two noise pollution sources that lead to a decrease of your quality of life. By installing a triple glazed system, you can cut the noise pollution by more than 50 decibels.

Increased Privacy

Sound insulation also provides you with increased privacy. If your teenage kids love music, you’ll surely feel the benefit of increased privacy. Furthermore, triple glazing comes in a wide array of visual options such as clear, obscured and tinted glass. You can choose the visual privacy level you need to feel comfortable in your own home.

More Comfort

Energy efficiency has its practical benefits. Even better, it contributes to the increase of your day to cay comfort and quality of life. You won’t have to put up with nasty draughts early in the morning, as you get out of your bed and head over to the bathroom. The ergonomic latches and handles allow you to choose the ventilation options that best suit you.

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