5 Interview Tips for Assessing Prospective Employees

Interviews play an important role in the process of recruiting new employees. HR practitioners can see firsthand qualified candidates and employee candidates who have the potential to harm the company.

However, HR Recruitment is not all experienced to identify every sign of a potential employee that will bring negative energy to the company.

For this reason, HRD must be more selective in finding, finding, and assigning prospective employees with positive characteristics. Here are Sixth ways HRD assesses prospective employees during interviews.

1. Ask Trap Questions

During the interview, ask them to answer five questions that they liked about their last job or company. Ask for one general answer and five more specific answers. Don’t forget employment background checks before an interview.

This method can provide information to you, whether the candidate feels pressured and shows bad signs when answering or otherwise shows the candidate is a prospective employee who has insight and experience.

2. Invite Other HRD Colleagues to Participate in Interviews

You must invite other HR colleagues to participate in the interview process.

One HRD person may be easy to fool, but the candidate must be aware that it is very difficult to deceive several people at once. Ask your HR colleague’s opinion about the person and share your doubts or suspicions.

3. Ask How They Deal With difficult Situations

One of the characteristics of bad employees is blaming others. Ask them what situations make them uncomfortable or they don’t expect to happen and how to deal with them.

If they give answers that indicate they are blaming others and don’t want to admit their faults, then that’s not a good thing. Candidates like this should be wary of.

4. Ask About the Future

Ask where they see themselves in the next 5 to 10 years. This question can help you assess whether the prospective employee has a plan and can be a long-term asset for the company or is just an answer.

Having a potential employee with a clear outlook on the future helps you assess whether the person is a good fit for the position you are applying for or not.

5. Look for References from Other Sources

Use social networks like LinkedIn to connect with people who have worked with your candidate in the past.

Ask them to take a moment to tell you a brief outline of the candidate. Usually, people will not talk about negative things, but not necessarily they will say positive things.

6. Find out the Candidate’s Personality

Some people have an open mind and are willing to accept the opinions of others, but some think that theirs is the most correct. People who are selfish like that usually can’t be invited to cooperate with the surrounding environment.