What About The Latest iOS 14 Update

What’s The Newest iOS 14 Update?

There has been plenty of talk in the digital world about the newest update that Apple is coming out with. Something that has been coming up, in particular, is how it is going to affect Facebook advertising and tracking. Here is the information you need to know about the latest update.

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Apple announced that they would be introducing a range of different features related to privacy that is expected to completely change the way that advertisers can track campaigns.

This new update is going to be asking Apple users whether or not they permit advertisers to collect, use, and share data using the built-in identifying code on each device.

This means every user is going to see a popup on their screen that asks them whether or not they agree to it. These are the same types of prompts that you normally find when browsing a website. You’ll notice that a website will ask you whether or not you agree to accept cookies that track your user behaviour. The same is going to happen on mobile devices.

This newest update is going to prohibit a lot of data collection and sharing practices that were traditionally used by advertisers. It’s going to completely change the way advertisers can handle and use data.

What Is The Device Identifier For Advertisers?

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a randomly assigned device identifier that is given by Apple. This is given to each user’s device individually. They use this number to deliver custom advertising and tracking to users. This data is used for all kinds of things including seeing how specific users interact with mobile campaigns.

How Is It Going To Impact Facebook Advertisers?

Anyone who uses Facebook advertising is going to be affected. It is going to impact how Facebook can both receive and process information that they normally would with tools such as the Facebook Pixel. This is a tool that previously allowed them to give advertisers pertinent information to track conversions.

Before the update, IDFAs were readily available for a lot of users. After all, there was no opt-in required. Because there is now going to be an opt-in required, there is less of a chance that people opt-in to being tracked. Thus, there will be less data that advertisers can use. This is expected to impact a lot of businesses ability to effectively track advertising campaigns.

When Is It Coming?

This latest update is going to be coming by early Spring. Therefore, the update will be pushed out imminently.

What Should Advertisers Do?

There is still a lot of unknowns about the update and how it is going to impact the industry. There is still more guidance needed from Apple to proceed. However, there are certain things that Facebook advertisers can begin doing.

Facebook has come out with a brand new domain verification feature that forces any website that uses advertising to go through the verification tool created by Facebook. This is a simple yet mandatory process.

Facebook has been arguing that users don’t have to give up all of their privacy just to get personalised advertising. Likewise, they’ve been arguing that the update is going to end up doing more harm than good. Facebook has said that they will be sharing their popup showcasing what they are collecting and why they are collecting it.

If you accept the prompts that are given to you, you’ll continue to see the most relevant ads. If not, you’ll still get ads, but they will be less relevant.

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