3 Reasons Why Workplace Cleanliness Should Be A Top Priority

Offices and workplaces are hotspots when it comes to germs and bacteria. Because offices are shared spaces, the areas most commonly used can harbor bacteria, with the average desk having almost 15x more bacteria than what is found on a toilet seat. A phone can have up to 30x more bacteria than this!


Workplace cleanliness should be of huge importance, even without taking Covid into consideration, as it can have huge impacts on employee health and wellbeing, as well as business costs. Implementing a workplace cleaning regime is vital and here are 3 reasons why workplace cleanliness should be a top priority.


Improved Corporate Image

No one wants to work in a messy environment and, if your workplace is untidy, then your employees will likely have a slightly skewed view of you and the business as a whole and their productivity levels will decrease, even if they don’t realise. However, employees are not the only people who have access to your workplace.


Clients, visitors and investors who come to your workplace will create first impressions based on your workplace and, if it is unclean and untidy, will likely judge you. An unkempt workplace can reflect badly on your business and it can give the impression that you don’t care.


Things such as untidy pavements and car parks, dirty windows and bird droppings on your building can all give a bad impression. By having a clean and tidy workplace, this not only shows that you care about your business, but your employees too. Getting a regular maintenance person to deweed and tidy your premises, or getting a company to carry out pigeon guano removal can help improve the appearance of your premises.


Increased Employee Healthiness

When employees aren’t well, they’re either not available to come into work, or will work less efficiently whilst putting other employees at risk of getting ill. By keeping your workplace clean, you can ensure a healthy work environment and keep your employees safe. Illnesses such as cold, flu and Covid spread very quickly in spaces like offices and workplaces, so by maintaining a high level of cleanliness, you can reduce the risk of spread.


There are different ways you can maintain your workplace cleanliness, either by creating an in-house cleaning rota or by hiring specialist cleaning services to carry out Covid cleaning and decontamination.


Create A Positive Environment

A clean environment is a welcoming environment and being able to welcome your employees, clients, customers and visitors into a clean office or workplace can create a much more positive environment. First impressions are key and having a clean office not only helps with this, but also creates a more productive workplace for your employees. If a workplace is tidy and welcoming, employees are likely to look forward to coming into work, which then boosts their productivity levels.