5 Surefire Ways to Get Better Business Clients

Better clients make for better business. But how exactly do you find and attract these “better” clients? For a small business, working with bad clients versus working with good clients has transformational business advantages. Imagine responsive communication, fast payments, and better cash flow, all of which contribute to a much healthier and more profitable business. So, how exactly can you identify and find these types of business clients? Let’s take a look at how to find the ideal client who makes your business better according to Terri Ling (2018) below.

Do Research to Find Your Ideal Client

First of all, if you currently have more than one client, think about which clients you think are better than others. Use this “ideal client” as an example to help you find other people just like them. Ask yourself the following questions:

– What makes them your ideal client?

– Is it because they are responsive and easy to work with?

– Did they pay you on time?

– Have you enjoyed the job opportunities they have given you?

Each of these questions is important to consider when defining your ideal client. However, enjoying your job is just as important as your paying clients. For example, if you are happy to design a site web for small to medium sized businesses and find that you are happy to work in that particular market, then you will know that you do not enjoy working for a large company.

Another way to find your ideal client is to reveal what you don’t like about the client. For example, if you work with a client who is always responsive, but after you send an invoice for payment he is constantly “off the network,” your dream client will be the opposite.

It’s important to do proper research to find your ideal client right from the start. Use this period to help you assess all future clients (such as a screening exam ) to ensure that this potential business client meets your “example ideal client” criteria.

Determine Where Your Clients Spend Their Time

As a small business owner, knowing exactly where your ideal client spends their time is essential, to get better clients. If you know where they usually spend their time, you will likely be in a good position to show them, attract, connect, and sell them your services. To find out where your clients hang out, ask yourself these questions:

– What types of websites do they visit frequently?

– What social media platforms do they usually use?

– Are they part of the LinkedIn or Facebook group?

– What offline events do they attend?

If you’re an active internet user, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get this information just by conducting a survey through the use of a tool like Google Typeforms .

Start Building Better Client Relationships

So you’ve reflected on these questions and completed the survey, then now that you know where your ideal clients hang out, it’s time to connect with them and build relationships! There are several ways to do this:

a. site web

If you know which websites they frequent, consider putting yourself in the position of a thought leader in those “hangouts.” Start by writing relevant, educational, and informative content on a topic related to the type of service you offer.

How to do it:

If you are an interior design consulting agency providing a wide range of design services and you know your ideal client is likely to browse articles on “how to design”, then you can write a post on a well-known interior design web about how to design uniquely and differently from other designers. Don’t forget to include your personal information and a link to your personal website so that if a client reads the article and is interested, they can easily contact you for design services.

b. Social Media

Similar to a website , make sure you are active on the social media networks where your ideal client is active.

How to do it:

If the client is more active on Twitter, then make Twitter your main social media to interact and share information. If you can, position yourself as a thought leader on the networks they are likely to use. Stay connected with them through these social media and share industry-relevant content.

Practice and Perfect Your Strategy

If you have found and connected with the client of your dreams, then you should know that contacting them to sell services is an opportunity. Make sure to fine-tune your campaign and make sure it’s on target, tailored, and directed to the right people. Practice so that these promotions can look perfect. Before you offer them, take the time to research the company or person to better understand their needs. Personalize your email to them and fill in the offer according to the list of categories they want.

Get Better Clients by Offering a Value Proposition

Sticking to a company value proposition is key to communicating the benefits or value you offer to clients. The better you know your own value proposition, the easier it will be to attract the kinds of customers you want, and filter out those you don’t.

An effective value proposition can convey a clear and concise message, it should highlight your unique values, promise certain benefits, and often include testimonials for social proof. Often, they contain titles, sub-headings, bullet points, images, and sometimes even videos. Take the time to work on your proposition and be sure to include it on the main page on the website including your homepage and services.

By using the five steps above to build your business, you will have the opportunity to acquire better business clients. Better clients are healthy clients, which means you get paid on time, have good communication, and give you the opportunity to grow together, making for a better business in the long run. A better client will make the company’s cash flow smooth, and save you the risk of bankruptcy.