Why Is The Suspension System In Your Vehicle Important?

The suspension system is one of the toughest things in any vehicle. It can actually last for many years and for thousands of miles. However, it can be damaged quickly if you hit a curb, pothole or rock. It will also wear out more quickly if you love driving off-road or on bumpy roads. If you have a workhorse vehicle (one that carries heavy loads), your suspension system will wear out even faster.

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As such, since there are so many unpredictable items about your suspension system, it’s a good idea to have it inspected frequently. Thankfully, if you have an inspection at Auto Select, any worn, broken or missing parts on your vehicle can be identified very fast. Note that, if your vehicle has an ineffective suspension system, you will have decreased controls on the vehicle.

Therefore, if the suspension system is damaged, you are likely going to have the worst types of accidents. The suspension system is made up of shock absorbers and springs. The latter suspends the weight of the vehicle on the axles. The springs allow the vehicle to bounce when crossing bumps thereby reducing the force of the impact on your vehicle. On the other hand, shocks rebound the bounce thereby smoothing out the ride.

Shock absorbers also force the tires to always remain in contact with the road. They are responsible for handling performance and how effortlessly you can control the vehicle. The springs found in the suspension system are usually heavy-duty. However, they might break down or wear out with time. Also, your vehicle might come with struts which are a combination of springs and shock absorbers. Just like shock absorbers, struts have a limited time span. As part of your preventive maintenance, routine, you need to inspect shocks and struts for damage.

A good suspension system is the best safety feature of your vehicle. Therefore, you need to be proactive about its care. You need to look out for the following signs that will warn you that your vehicle needs attention.

• Is there a cupped wear pattern on your tires? If yes, it is a sign that your shock absorbers have been bouncing unevenly.

• Do you feel a drifty or floaty sensation when taking a corner?

• Does the front of the vehicle drip significantly when you take a break?

• Does your vehicle rock back and forth after you come to a stop?

Well, if you notice these and more signs, you need to replace your shock absorbers. At Auto Select, we have technicians who are ready to check your shocks visually. If there are any leaks, the shocks will be replaced. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to inspect the suspension system. If you have been in an accident that involves one of your wheels, you should also arrange for an inspection of your shock absorbers.

If you notice anything wrong with your suspension system, don’t put off the repairs. If there is any failure in your suspension system, it could result in a serious accident. If you notice that one of your shock absorbers needs to be replaced, make sure you replace all 4 of them. It’s the best way to handle your vehicle properly.

When replacing your struts or shocks, you need to use the best parts, equivalent to the original ones on your vehicle. Never downgrade because it will cost you later. If you are improving the suspension system in your vehicle, you will also improve the handling performance effortlessly. At Auto Select, you can always count on our transparent and trustworthy service.