Top Tips To Improve The Retention Of Your Mobile App

If you ask anyone no matter how much experience they have with SEO, they’ll likely tell you that the ability to ‘game’ the search engine is no longer viable. The fact is, the algorithms have become so advanced that it can be impossible to get a website to rank using black hat tactics. Even if you’re able to, you won’t find yourself lasting high in the rankings for very long. Likewise, you’re putting your website at risk of getting completely blacklisted. Your website has to be ranking due to its quality and because of the content that you regularly publish. These rules apply to everything that has a ranking system including mobile app stores.

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Google Play Store is one of the top mobile app stores out there. It integrates the same principles of putting the best apps towards the top of its rankings. This gives you the ability to get the best applications without having to dig through the bad apples. However, you might be wondering how the Google Play Store gauges the overall quality of a mobile app. Apptaura can help to develop a high-quality app that ranks well for you.

Currently, it comes down to whether or not your mobile app can retain a user. If someone is continuing to use your mobile app as many as 30 days after installing it, Google assumes that they are enjoying it and having a good experience. Your mobile application is primarily rated based on how many users you can retain days or even weeks later.

While it used to be all about getting positive ratings, that’s since changed. This matters, but they aren’t as significant as they used to be. However, they are still weighed in the search engine algorithm, but retention is the main factor.

Keeping this information in the back of your head, you might be wondering how it applies to you and how you can use it to improve the ranking of your mobile app.

  1. Making It Enjoyable To Use

One of the most important things that you are going to want to do when you are looking to enhance the retention of your app is making it easy to use. You need to make an intuitive app. You want one that is going to be enjoyable to use and not something that doesn’t have user-friendliness in its design and function. When you are dealing with software, you need to ensure that you are creating an app that is intuitive and that you can easily navigate. If your app requires detailed instructions to use it properly, it’s not intuitive. This means your app is poorly designed and the majority of users are likely going to have a poor end-user experience because of it. You don’t want to design an app that needs instructions to use.

  1. Create The Proper Expectations

When you are looking to craft an app that can rank well with high retention percentages, you’ll need to make something and frame the right expectations for it. People are extremely impatient nowadays. Because of this, they are going to quickly judge your app from the moment they begin using it. A lot of them may not even download and use it. They will look at the screenshots and base their experience on that alone. They are likely not going to read the description at all. Therefore, you need to be framing their expectations through the proper crafting of the listing. You need to ensure that you are targeting the right users and delivering on their expectations otherwise they’ll stop using it.

  1. Improve The User Experience For New Users

One of the key things you should be doing is focusing on improving the experience for brand new users. After all, you need to be able to retain a new user. Retaining a brand new user is going to be increasingly difficult compared to retaining a frequent user. If you require them to signup for your app, you’ll want to make it as frictionless as possible. Ask for as little information as needed. No one wants to go through a lengthy signup process. They are going to be much more likely to delete your app and never come back to it if you make the experience tedious.

  1. Invest Users Back

One of the things that you should be doing to improve your retention efforts is focusing on those that already left your app. You don’t want to allow these people to go ignored. You want to re-invite users that previously showed interest in your app and who abandoned it. If they’ve used your app before, try to incentivise them to come back some way or another.

  1. Keep It Updated

You need to ensure that you are keeping your app updated. This is not only important to showcase that you’re an active developer and that you are patching security vulnerabilities, but also to provide new content and fresh things to keep them coming back for more.