Tips For Preparing Your House For Professional Property Marketing Services

There is plenty going on behind the scenes when it comes to our property marketing, from smart clever camera angles, removing things from errant wheelie bins to cloudy skies, to post-production editing. After you have booked an appointment with us, we will send you guidance on how to get your property prepared for the arrival of our operators. This ranges from cleaning your place to putting the bins away. However, keep reading this article if you want to have a good overview of what you can expect.

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How To Prepare For Professional Videography And Photography

Arguably, having well-shot photos is key to helping prospective purchasers get a good feeling for your house. Our photographers are accustomed to getting creative with angles in order to hide unmade beds or unattractive corners. However, in order to get the most from their visit, it can be quite useful to do some preparation work prior to their arrival. It doesn’t involve a lot of work, and it is relevant for videography as well.


If it is possible, move your cars out of the driveway or from in front of your house if you have street parking. Do your best to keep this area clear so we can get good photos of your home’s facade. Also, be sure that all toys (both pets and children’s), washing lines, garden equipment, hoses, and bins are put away. Close all of your doors and windows to provide a uniform appearance, but make sure to keep all of your blinds and curtains open. If there is enough time before your appointment, mow your lawn and tidy up any large shrubs and flower beds. If you have any garden furniture, tuck in the chains, put their cushions out if it is not raining, and open parasols. Remove the cover from your pool if you are fortunate enough to own one.


‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is the name of the game when it comes to getting the inside of your house prepared. In your kitchen, clean off any clutter from the surfaces and place dish soap, tea towels, and oven gloves inside the cupboards. Be sure to clear the draining boards of pots and pans and make sure your washing machine does not have anything in it and that its door is closed. Take your bin out and make sure you don’t have any recycling laying around. Do these same things to your bathrooms. Put away your toiletries unless they match your decor or are premium bands. Fold up your towels and bathmats, and pull the shower curtain back. During post-production, we can touch up photos, but it is best to address large scuffs or water stains before prospective buyers start coming over for visits. Some easy tasks include ensuring cables are tucked out of the way, straightening up loose covers, plumping up the cushions on the sofa, and opening all blinds and curtains. It can also make a major difference to polish any varnished and glass surfaces, and give everything a good dust and vacuum.

Turn off monitors and TVs, but you may want to light a fire to create a nice atmosphere. Remove personal items as well as confidential documents, including family photos and works of art. We will try to blur those out wherever possible. However, we cannot guarantee it. One final thing: be sure the space under the beds is covered by a valance that goes all the way down to the floor or is cleared out.