The Ultimate Web Design Client Questionnaire

Understanding client needs is one of the most important ways by which you can offer the best possible product or customer service. The best way to understand their needs is through market research and, most importantly, asking specific, purposeful, and insightful questions to your clients or target audience. Clients looking for web design services along with domain and hosting are likely to have unique needs suiting their business.

If you provide services for web design in NZ, it is important that you both know where your people stand, what they want, what you provide, and so on and so forth. A website design questionnaire for clients will help you understand the client’s specific needs, expectations, challenges, product information, timelines, budget, and much more.

The Best Web Design Client Questionnaire

As a web design NZ service provider, below are some really important questions you must ask your clients. Provide them with a PDF that they can fill out and send back to you.

1. What is the scope of your company?

This is an extremely important question when it comes to building a website for someone else. Understanding what they do and what kind of services and products they provide is important for creating the foundation and interface of the website.

2. Who is your target audience on your website?

The products and services determine the target audience of the website, but keeping it clear between the client and yourself is always beneficial.

3. Mention your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Their unique selling point determines many factors of the client’s website. It is an extremely important part of design strategies.

4. Do you have a website, or are we concentrating on development?

Knowing whether or not the project starts from scratch is very important. These are two very different things that require different strategies.

5. How many and which pages do you want on your website?

There are different types of important pages like home pages, product pages, blogs, about pages, FAQs, search pages, etc. Ask the client about their preference.

6. Which are a few necessary features for you?

Different features like online payment, slideshows, image galleries, shopping carts, online forms, chatbots, etc., can be added to the website. Ask for their preferences!

7. Do you have any keywords optimized for your website according to the search results?

SEO and keywords go hand in hand. Keywords can be optimized according to it, and it helps the website to reach the target audience.

8. What is the deadline for the final product?

This determines the time you have to complete the website building. Completing all the tasks within the given timeline will help you keep a credible image.

9. What is your budget?

The client’s budget is important because that is the amount of money they can afford to pay you for your services. If the budget aligns with your expectations, you can accept the work. If not, you can negotiate!


Finding out the exact requirements your clients want is very important for your web designing company. Asking the right questions can give you a realistic understanding of the task at hand and also help you design a website that is as per client expectations. A web design client questionnaire is important for both the client and you to successfully complete the project.

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