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The cryptocurrency market in Pakistan

In 2020, Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) published a paper stating the potential approaches to regulating cryptocurrency in Pakistan. The country’s goal was and still is to embrace the financial benefits of these digital assets without much overregulation, and the Central Bank is also allowing cryptocurrency to take its course. Here are some details about investing in cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

Legal issues

Most local authorities need to enact laws to regulate cryptocurrencies, given in most countries the legality of crypto is still unclear, and Pakistan is not the exception. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) considers people trading crypto as money transmitters, so you must check what the local law entails on that specific subject. Although Pakistan doesn’t have rules defining these matters, they could adopt some from other countries, and there are significant differences depending on each territory. For example, crypto mining is treated like a business in Israel and is subject to income tax, whereas in countries like India there isn’t any regulation. Canada and the US are known to allow crypto activities as well.

Multi-signature arrangement

A multi-signature arrangement is one of the most common and useful tools for crypto transactions. It’s commonly known as a “multi-sig” and it consists of the requirement of several signatures and keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. This practice had been used to execute trades from approved parties, and its application has now moved into the digital world, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It provides security to people transparently working with crypto. It’s the same as working with multi-signature checks that require two or more signatures to cash them. The agreement entails having more than one user’s signature before the transaction is broadcast on a blockchain. It’s different from regular transactions, in which only one digital signature is required before funds are transferred. Multi-sigs are a good option whenever you’re unsure about the individuals making transactions with you. It’s always better to be safe by using more than one signature. Remember that a Bitcoin address has two parts: a private and a public key. In a regular transaction, anybody with a private key can spend the funds from the address without consulting anybody else. In the multi-sig arrangement, you must have multiple private keys to authorize any transactions.

Cryptocurrency and Bankruptcy

There is a big debate about disclosing your cryptocurrency assets when you declare bankruptcy. The most common issues are when the debtor fails to disclose them and whether it’s an issue for the government to quantify them. Depending on the case, intentional failure to disclose these details could lead to criminal prosecution. Even when cryptocurrency isn’t precise in Pakistan, it must be declared a financial asset. The main issue still is stating its value.

Pakistan Visa

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