The Changes That The Recruitment Industry Has Undergone These Last 10 Years

Thanks to technology, a lot of things can change in 10 years. Many industries have experienced change due to tech. Some companies have grown, while others have gone under, while others have transformed.

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Recruitment is one of the industries that have been affected by tech. A lot of people thought recruitment agencies would die out due to social media sites and online job boards. However, the recruitment industry has grown as a result of them. With that said, you might be wondering how has the recruitment industry has changed over the last decade.

The Recruitment Process Is Quicker
In the past, the recruiting process was a long daunting task. The main forms of communication between clients and candidates was by phone or post. Arranging interviews via those methods was challenging because the majority of people work during the day.

Also, recruiters would have to collect feedback, as well as play a role in negotiations. Due to paperwork being posted, start dates were delayed on a regular basis. The entire process was drawn out.

Today, technology has made it easier for recruiters to contact clients and candidates. They can contact people no matter where they are, thanks to mobile devices and emails. Documents no longer need to be posted, as they can be emailed and signed within minutes. This means that people are able to start new jobs virtually right away.

The Talent Pools Are Much Bigger
In the past, candidates would have to register at a recruitment agency’s office. This means that recruiters only had their database to use to find suitable candidates. If none were available, then their competitors could beat them out.

These days, there is virtually an endless supply of candidates for recruiters to choose from. There is no shortage of quality employees for recruiters to choose from. They can access online job boards and social media sites to find candidates.

Candidates Are More Proactive
Ten years ago, job seekers would have to register with many agencies if they wanted to land work. They would keep their fingers crossed that one of the agencies would call them. This was very time consuming, as well as limiting.

In today’s online world, people have far more control over looking for a job. They have become more proactive, and they no longer sit around waiting for a call from the agencies. Instead, they are applying for as many jobs as possible and they are even contacting hiring companies directly.

Image Is Important
There is far less privacy in today’s world, due to the internet. This means companies and job seekers have to think hard about how they look and how they are presenting themselves to the public. If they are online, they the public can see them.

Job seekers are advised to keep their social media profiles clean and professional, just in case potential employers look at them before they make a hiring decision. Furthermore, Glassdoor and similar sites require or advise businesses to consider how their staff and job applicants perceive them, and to make improvements if necessary. This is because with just a few clicks of a button, people can find info such as how much a company pay and how satisfy their employees are