How To Improve Engagement On Your Online Store

It doesn’t matter how well designed your e-commerce website is, you should always do all you can to increase the engagement rates of your visitors so that they become customers. This will go a long way in optimising sales as well as customer loyalty rates. Be sure to read on for tips on improving engagement.

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Getting people to visit your e-commerce store is only the very start of selling. Of course, you want people to not only just visit and leave but also interact with your store and make purchases. Even though your e-commerce site may be well designed and dynamic, you need to undergo steps that will transform visitors into real customers. This will help to increase your profits and the loyalty of your customers. We’ll now get started on the best engagement tips for your store.


This can be a bit tricky and if you do it incorrectly, it will make your customers feel bothered and irritated. However, if you do it correctly, it can make you more revenue since your customers would feel inspired to buy more of your products. You can utilize one or as many of the different ways to show different product suggestions. This includes either adding them to the checkout process, additional links on your pages, showing them to your customers in your following emails etc.


Most people love getting a deal. With that said, most modern customers understand most techniques used for promotions, however, they still tend to create a positive return. So, for example, a great promotion that many customers would love include adding promo codes, free shipping with a minimum spend amount etc. Additionally, time limits on special deals also work well.

Social Media

One of the best places to show off promotions is on your store’s social media pages. Most customers will share deals with their friends and family. So, this will help to spread awareness of your brand. There are also other methods of showing your brand and products on social media. So, be sure to have high quality and engaging content on your social media profiles on a schedule.


Social media interactions is a good way to create awareness of your brand as well as new content for your online store. There are many businesses that actually place Facebook feeds on their e-commerce website. If you don’t want to do this, then look into other ways to create content and share content with your customers, even if they aren’t buying from you. You should also look into creating a newsletter and even blog posts that are not necessarily sales-y.


Communicating with potential customers and customers isn’t about saying the same thing over and over. You need to engage in such a way that you have open communication that goes both ways.


You should always ask for feedback from your visitors and customers. This includes showing customer reviews on your product pages. Reviews will provide additional information for prospective customers to read and you don’t even need to create this content on your own. This also shows that your business is transparent and increase brand loyalty.

Follow Up Emails

When someone purchases an item from your store, you should send follow up emails to engage even more. You should also send follow up emails for other actions such as a return, customer review, abandoned cart, extra purchase etc. Make sure that you don’t send too many emails so that you don’t cause your customer to feel irritated or bombarded.

Guest Checkouts

Giving your customer space is sometimes the best way to communicate with them. For example, this can mean allows guests to check out and the ability to sign in at another date. This is great for customers who need to purchase quickly. In many cases, this encourages the customer to return.

Customer Support

There are many reasons why a visitor to your website may need assistance and they should be able to quickly find help. This can be done using a pop up chat. This is quite similar to a real world customer service representative or shop attendant. However, you should make sure this feature isn’t intrusive.