Important point:

  • Many property business owners still believe that advertising on Facebook can only generate awareness. In fact, Facebook can generate conversions if executed with the right strategy. 
  • Professional online marketers prioritize advertising on Facebook because you can directly reach potential targets directly by using the Audience Targeting feature. The more precisely you optimize your campaign, the more sales will be generated.
  • There is no definite formula in Audience Targeting. What you need is an online marketing expert to analyze and understand which ‘targets’ are really your business prospects. 

A year ago, the amount of online marketing expenses for the Thai property business increased 100{a064970ad7889dc459926f8e3a7b84341ed1fa7d893e9e7a143ed4ea9ade0884}. Why? First, many business owners realize that consumer behavior in the property market has changed. Second, online marketing performance can be measured. 

The most effective online marketing platforms for property businesses are Google and Facebook. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, many property entrepreneurs still think that advertising on Facebook can only generate awareness, and that only Google can generate conversions through the Search Campaign.

Social Media Specialists at Heroleads are here to break this myth! They are able to prove that campaign performance on Facebook can be better if you know how to target your audience properly through the Audience Targeting feature. The more precisely you optimize your campaign, the more sales will be generated.

Here are tips that our Social Media Specialists use to optimize and improve your Facebook campaigns.

Tip 1: Get leads using their interests.

Favorite websites or recently read articles are the best leads for marketers looking to gain client insights. The features on Facebook allow you to target potential prospects by filling out ‘Interests’. One of the techniques we use when running a campaign is targeting those who follow the Home & Condo website. Why? Because people who frequently visit these websites are most likely looking for homes or condos. 

Tip 2: Look for prospects who have purchasing power.

We know that property entrepreneurs (especially high-end projects) want to get leads who have the financial capacity to buy property. Therefore, our Social Media Specialists will run campaigns for high-end products targeting high-end markets as well. You do this by setting the Job Title to a high paying position, from manager to business owner. That way, the conversion rate will be better than if you only target the general market.

Tip 3: Sometimes it’s the lifestyle that matters.

Real estate properties now surprise their residents with innovative facilities, such as cleaning robots or 3D gaming rooms, and focus their campaigns on specific markets. This is a challenge in itself for property marketers; how to tap into this niche market?

In our case study, Heroleads is entrusted with serving a property developer, who is working with iStudio to build a condominium with state-of-the-art Home Intelligence Technology as their unique selling point (USP). After the briefing , our Social Media Specialists immediately realized that generic targeting would not work for this project.

We then choose 2 tips for solving this case. First, we targeted iPhone users, secondly we targeted those who liked property and technology. That way, we can make sure we’re reaching the right prospects. 

The result? Our clients get more potential leads, then pass them to the salesperson to close.

As already explained, advertising on Facebook can not only create awareness, but as long as you use the right strategy, you can also get a large number of conversions as well. At Heroleads, we prioritize our clients’ needs, take into account buyer personas when analyzing business, and choose the best timing and platform before running any campaign.