Growth Prospects in The Tech Industry

There are many opportunities for investors to make money in the technology industry. In the last 10 years, the technology industry has outperformed major economic sectors like finance and manufacturing, emerging as the largest economic sector globally. For instance, Statista 2019 reports that about $3,360 billion was spent in the technology sector worldwide.

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The rapid burgeoning of the technology sector has been attributed to its integrated and central role of supporting other sectors like real estate, manufacturing, finance and health. The strong growth in technological standards has been explained by the widespread of internet connectivity in most parts of the globe.

Internet connectivity plays an integral role in digital revolution and technological growth by allowing fast transmission of data and shipment of commercial goods to different parts of the world. Illustratively, an estimated 4.4 billion people all over the world are active internet users. That means close to 58% of the world’s total population relies on internet services and related technology in one way or another.

The Technology Sector Depends on Innovation
You have to remain knowledgeable on the …

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